About Powder Coating Zone

Powder Coating Zone was founded by two people who see the value in helping others.

Shivie Dhillon - Co-founder of Powder Coating Zone - Connecting Powder Coater's to Customers

Shivie Dhillon, managing partner of Sundial Powder Coatings in Los Angeles, runs what is considered by many in the industry to be one of the best if not the best powder coating shop in the United States. Shivie’s philosophy is “quality without compromise” and this is evident in that he is the only powder coater in southern California to offer an innovative and advanced 7-stage water pretreatment system which translates to longer lasting and more aesthetically pleasing consumer powder coated products. Consumers and commercial interests come from all over the country to have their products powder coated by Sundial.

"Since I was 8 eight years old, I have been around powder coating. Unlike most kids that go camping during their summer vacations, my parents brought me to 'the shop'. My first position with my parent’s powder coating company was the daunting task of filing paperwork. I quickly advanced and gained the trust of the rest of the staff to start handling customer parts. By my 4th summer, I was managing masking needs. Once I graduated from college with a computer science and accounting degree I had already been around powder coating for over 16 years. There was nothing else I would rather do.

When I moved into a partner position I moved to outside sales and this is when I started to realize the limitations of this young industry. Many people had heard of powder coating but were not sure it was for them, and to make things worse, they already had had a bad experience. I knew this industry had a lot of potential but systems needed to be created. I tapped into my CS degree and created the first and only software designed for the powder coating industry, called powdersoft.net. The software was a hit and with the help of the Powder Coating Institute and systems were beginning to take form. Most commercial users have become experts in the application. I felt like I was only half way to my goal, though. The consumer market for powder coating was immature and for good reason. During the uncontrolled expansion of the powder coating industry many shops popped up without regard to quality and service. These shops have left consumers apprehensive of the process and so the next project was born, Powder Coating Zone. We are now able to tackle this market head on, giving the consumer the control and assurance they need and deserve."

Fred Palmerino - Co-founder of Powder Coating Zone - Connecting Powder Coater's to Customers

Fred Palmerino is President and CEO of Lancer Media, Inc., an online marketing company, also based in Los Angeles. Lancer Media specializes in white hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, search engine marketing, website design and reputation management. Basically, Lancer Media is the company to call when your online business needs visitors and sales. Lancer Media’s competitive advantage is its research-based Holistic Website Optimization Methodology which was founded on business strategy, website optimization and conversion optimization.



Together, Shivie and Fred, as co-partners in Powder Coating Zone, are dedicated to achieving four goals:

  1. Making "powder coating" a household term
  2. Saving money for consumers
  3. Connecting powder coaters with customers
  4. Reducing the poison emissions from spray painting into the atmosphere


A Note from the Founders

Funny thing about powder coating. It’s everywhere you are and yet you don’t know you’re looking at a powder coated product. No one really knows about it. Noone’s really been told about it, except for the occasional morning magazine segment on TV. So, how does such a widely used product go unnoticed?

We think it’s time for powder coating to emerge from the commercial walls of the unknown. In the 1960’s powder coating replaced liquid coating as the best protective and aesthetic finish available because powder coating produces a much thicker protective finish than a liquid coating and it does it without running, dripping or sagging.

At first, powder coating was only regarded as a protective coating, using only commercial colors. But, since the early 1980s, powder coating has enjoyed some growth and maturity and has come into its own, reinforced by continuous equipment and process innovations (see Sundial Powder Coatings innovative 7-stage water treatment system), and improved paint resin formulations.

But, what does this mean to you? Why should you use powder coating for your finishing needs? For your outdoor patio furniture sets, barbecue grills, bicycles, car rims, motorcycles, home fencing and home gates?


Environmental Impact of Powder Coating

Oddly enough, the one coating that should lead the way as an environmental beacon and should be at the top of Al Gore's green priority list is powder coating.

Powder coating DOES NOT PRODUCE TOXINS. A volatile organic compounds or VOC, for short, is a toxin that is released into the atmosphere from paints (see spray painting), solvents and adhesives. When these toxins are released into the air, they react with chemicals in the air to create ozone which adversely impacts human health. In short, VOC’s can lead to respiratory, allergic and immune problems, especially in infants and children.

Some health effects* include:

  • Eye, nose, and throat irritation
  • Headaches
  • Memory impairment
  • Loss of coordination
  • Nausea
  • Conjunctival irritation
  • Allergic skin reaction
  • Dyspnea (shortness of breath)
  • Declines in serum cholinesterase levels
  • Emesis (vomiting)
  • Epistaxis (nosebleeds)
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Damage to liver, kidney, and central nervous system
  • Some VOCs can cause cancer in animals and humans
*The extent and nature of the adverse health effect depends, in part, on the level of exposure to the VOC and the length of time exposed to it. Eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders, and memory impairment are immediate symptoms that have been witnessed.

The issue at hand is that spray painting enjoys more brand awareness than powder coating. But, spray painting is bad for you, your family and your children. And, it’s bad for the atmosphere. Unfortunately, Powder Coating is a grassroots movement and until now has not had the proper brand power to mount a competitive marketing campaign against the large spray can companies. With Powder Coating Zone and your involvement in protecting the environment, we now can educate consumers, save them money in the process, and stop destroying the environment.


Good for Your Budget

So, to save the planet, you’re thinking that it’s going to be like buying organic foods at the supermarket. That, to be healthier, it will cost me and my family more money! Wrong! Because, really, we get it! What good is saving the environment if it causes us all financial distress?

The good news is that powder coating, while better for the environment and your health than spray painting, is actually cheaper than spray painting.

Take your patio furniture, for example. When you first brought your patio furniture set home, it looked like new; the colors were shiny and glistening. It became part of your everyday life. Then, the first bitter cold of winter or the dog days of summer came and went, leaving behind their cruel marks on your once-proud outdoor furniture – like it was trying to get back at you for leaving it out in the bitter cold and hellish heat. So, you considered a few options: sell it on Craigslist for pennies on the expensive dollar, only to buy a another expensive outdoor furniture set, a cycle you will have to repeat each year, or spray paint it. So, you try to salvage your investment by spray painting and find out the coating can only withstand only one season before chipping, peeling and fading begin.

Or, if you’re cost-conscious and quality-conscious, you go the powder coating route. You complete our quote form, we find the right powder coaters for your patio furniture set, you get it powder coated with the color of your choice, for pennies on the dollar and you find that it lasts another 10-20 years. No scratches, No fading. No chipping. Custom colors. Just the same illustrious color and finish shining through, year after year.


Ease of Use

With Powder Coating Zone, there is no need for a special skill set. No special and expensive equipment. No setup and clean up time needed.

Also you are not alone. Using Powder Coating Zone allows you to communicate with others in the community to discuss ideas and to ask questions. At Powder Coating Zone, we do a great job of qualifying powder coaters that appear to have very good standards of quality and service. As a user, you can rate the coater as well, just like "Yelping" your favorite restaurant. This way, we, as a community, continue to ensure quality and integrity.

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