Why You Shouldn't Spray Paint

Spray painting is more expensive than powder coating, doesn't last long, is toxic to the environment, and offers limited color choices

Spray painting coats unevenly, lasts about a month or two before it peels, scratches, bleaches and wears away, is a dirty process for the consumer and is rather expensive considering the amount of cans you have to buy to properly coat and double coat your item. And it's harmful to the environment.

Don't Spray Paint - Powder Coating is environmentally friendly, contains NO volatile organic compounds or carcinogens like spray paint and is virtually pollution-free!

Advantages of Powder Coating vs. Spray Painting

Powder coating refinishes and restores just about any household, outdoor or industrial product made of aluminum, steel, metal, brass or copper.

  • Cheaper – save up to 90% of your products replacement cost
  • Long-lasting, tough and durable
  • Environmentally friendly – does not dispense from an aerosol can!
  • Fade resistant
  • Chip resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Attractive and colorful - more color choices than Spray Paint!


Powder Coating is Smarter and Cheaper – Saving Homeowners $1,000's in Replacement Costs

Powder coating is the smarter and cheaper way to restore and refinish your metal, aluminum, steel, brass or copper products. It's smarter because it lasts up to 20 years in the toughest of climate conditions, does not fade, scratch, or chip, and is not toxic to the environment.

Powder coating is a perfect refinishing method for metal doors and frames, roofing or wrought iron fences, patio furniture, office furniture, car rims, car wheels, motorcycle bodies, chairs, office and home furniture, driveway entry gates, barbecue grills, light fixtures, etc.

Restore and Refinish Patio Furniture with Powder Coating - Lasts Years and Years at a Cost Less than Spray Painting


Powder Coating Uses Powder - Aerosol Spray Paint Cans Only Apply a Mist

After only a few short weeks or months, spray painting becomes expensive because the paint chips, fades or scratches quickly which requires you to apply more spray paint, over and over. Spray painting is not a protective refinishing method. The alternative? Most people that spray paint their products end up throwing it away and they just purchase a new one.

Powder coating paint powder is dispensed evenly. It will protect your product for years and years - up to 20 years! It will not fade, scratch or chip, either.


Powder Coating Lasts Much Longer than Spray Paint which Saves You $1,000's

Powder coating will save you thousands of dollars in product replacement costs and, yes, even spray paint can purchases.

Spray paint is a terrible restoration and refinishing alternative. It is toxic to the environment, does not last but a few weeks or months and, in a heartbeat, will scratch, fade and chip.

Imagine how much you will save in restoration and refinishing costs if your powder coated patio furniture set, bench, or chair looks the same in years 20 as it did in year 1?

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